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Celebrate Scholars 

Being chosen for the Arizona Latino Media Association scholarship means having a family of amazing journalism professionals and students. Coming into ASU I was afraid of not finding a strong Latino and Hispanic community. Since both of my parents live in Mexico I was feeling homesick and desperate to find my place at ASU. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists chapter at ASU and ALMA gave me that community. I feel so welcomed and loved when I interact with the other members. There are always countless hugs and an array of delicious food at every event! It reminds me of my family events back home. With the money that I received from ALMA I will save up some money and purchase a laptop and digital camera to start my Barrett Honors Thesis


        - Lerman Montoya, Fall 2016 Scholar

I am extremely honored to be an ALMA scholar. Not only has the privilege of being awarded the scholarship provides me with more financial opportunity, but instilled in me a great sense of confidence to accomplish my goals and dreams as a journalist. The funding that I have received will provide me with the opportunity to purchase a camera that I will use as an essential tool in furthering my journalistic and creative skill sets and will be used to assist in establishing my career.


        -Natalia Sandoval, Fall 2016 Scholar 

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